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Executive Committee:

Eugene Alexander (Vice President/Public Officer)
Gavan Barber (Secretary/Finance Officer)
Patricia Kirk (Committee member)

Sue Alexander (Committee member)

David Kirk (President)
PO Box 268
Orford    7190
(03) 6257 1009


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51 thoughts on “Contacts & Comments

  1. David and Gavan
    Thank you
    The Odeon creates a community spirit, it is something to look forward to for all residents. Even if we only go occasionally, it is nice to know that it is there.
    The closure will assist in making us revert to lonely nuclear families.
    I only hope that the closure was not precipitated by more petty short sighted bureaucrats who could not once again resist exercising their power.
    A small minded irresistible desire to flex their muscles, to enhance their status, often causes untold damage to the community that bureaucrats are supposed to serve.

  2. So sad that, after much deliberation and discussion, the OO will be closing after the film in December.
    HUGE THANKS to David & Gavan (and the OO team of dedicated volunteers) for their passion and drive in bringing fun, frivolity, a few tears and much laughter to all those who have attended the OO over the last 8 years. It’s been such a pleasure…

  3. Hi Keri,
    Thank you for your kind words – you’re most welcome.
    It was a great night, wasn’t it? – A fab film, lots of joyous social interaction and fun…and Santa!
    Who could ask for more?

    We’ll see you in the New Year @ The Odeon!

    David & The Odeon Team

  4. David and Gavan, hi,
    Just wanted to say thankyou very much for last night’s Christmas screening of “Beauty and the Beast “.
    The TCH was beautifully decorated and the stage setting for Santa’s entrance was lovely.
    As usual, you’d put in a huge effort to provide multiple gifts for the audience and Clive told me it was the first thing he’d ever won !
    You’d really gone to so much trouble to make it a positive and special experience for everyone and the comments around us confirmed that you achieved that. Thankyou again, Keri

  5. Thank you Clive & Denise,
    Loving & loyal supporters like you make it a pleasure to create The Orford Odeon Experience every month.
    We do hope to see you in the new year.
    All the very Best to you Both,
    David & the Odeon Team

  6. Congratulations David, Gavan and all your team for a very entertaining year.
    Hope to see you all sometime in the new year @ the new venue.

    Clive & Denise

  7. Dear David and Gavan.
    What a pleasure and a surprise it was to meet you today at “Kennedia” in Swansea for this wonderful, however very technical and probably a tad over my philistine head, music composed by Bach performed live, brilliantly, with panache and maestria. It certainly was a little more involved than the Nuptial Marche from the same composer !!!!
    Thank you for giving me the leaflet about the film “Mrs. Henderson” planned to be screened on Tuesday 10 November 2015 at the Orford Golf Club.
    I am rejoicing to see that The Orford Odeon is soldering on as best as possible until the Triabunna Hall is finished and again open for community events like yours for all intended purposes.
    I shall try my best to be in attendance.
    Long life to Cinéma, to the 7th Art and to the Orford Odéon.

    Councillor Bertrand CADART.

  8. Hi Pip,
    Thanks for your supportive comments. It was a wonderful night, with a capacity audience in attendance. We’ll see you at the next one!

  9. Hi, so great to hear that last Thursday’s screening of The Hundred Foot Journey was another outstanding success for the OO and a tribute to the perseverance of the team! Stick with it. Looking forward to the next outing.

  10. This Saturday afternoon, at the Northern edge of Bass Strait, across the Great Southern Ocean as it were, I devoted idle time to read the latest on the Orford Odeon narrative.
    From this distance, and from any distance for that matter, I don’t have the right nor intention to be judgemental, but there is space for comment.
    What ungrateful, high-handed arrogance to dole out after several years of voluntary labour and time consuming fund-raising Tasmania’s Department of Education has displayed towards the movers and shakers in this community; people who seemingly have the best interests of the Orford Primary School at heart far more than does the Department of Education and the School Principal. Surely putting this school amenity to work, in accordance with the statutes of the institution, is admirable and beneficial to the community in general and the school in particular.
    Is there an element of resentment somewhere, that I have not seen?
    A movie’s a movie; a dollar’s a dollar; get over it and give the venue back to the movers and shakers – they appear to care.
    Graeme Jones

  11. Hi Keith,
    First may I say ‘thank goodness’ for your enterprising Cousins. I know from talking to residents that they brought great joy over the years to many people in Triabunna. It’s probably just as well, however, that they weren’t aware of the dangers of asbestos! Fortunately for future generations, that ‘projector room’ has since been safely demolished and the site cleansed as part of the current renovation, refurbishment and extension of the Hall.
    The TCH Committee has always intended that films will be screened in the Hall upon its completion and looks forward to continuing the film-screening tradition started by your brave relatives.


  12. We have read the letter to OPS. Very well put!

    The lack of courtesy by the school principal in not replying herself is apalling. The stupidity of the Department in supporting the Principal’s attitude is deranged.

    We hope that no future funds raised for the community by Orford Odeon go to Orford Primary. The sooner it is absorbed into the Triabunna District School the better!

  13. I am at a loss to understand why you have not thought about running the movies from the Triabunna Community Hall which is currently being refurbished. It was the Original Movie Theatre in the Area ran by my Cousins for many years.
    Comes already with Projector rooms.
    Just a thought!!

  14. Hi,
    It’s always a joy to welcome new audience members to The Odeon Experience, and we are delighted to have you on-board!
    We are doing everything in our power to keep the films and fun coming your way and all help will be gratefully accepted.

    David & The Odeon Team

  15. Hi Kerry & David,
    So glad you had a great night – it was wonderful to hear the outrageous laughter coming from the audience.
    Thanks for your film suggestion – as always, we’ll put it in the mix.
    We’ll investigate your other suggestion ASAP.


  16. Hi David

    Many thanks for a great night with the Grand Seduction. The Shipping News would be a good movie for our group too.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kerry and David

  17. My very first visit to the Orford Odeon. My what a lovely surprise – the movie was fantastic and the atmosphere was electric, every one enjoyed the very first movie of the year and what a way to kick off the season with this fantastic comedy, please don’t let this excellent outing for Orford and surrounding communities die, it is a fantastic outing and well run, come on Orford residents lets get behind the community and keep this event running, looking forward to the next movie nite – let’s hope it is not months away.

    Name witheld

  18. Thanks so much Annie & Wayne!
    We wish you were here.
    See you @ The Odeon soon!

    David & The Odeon team

  19. Looking forward to The Grand Seduction on Thursday – great to have a film again. Also, pleased to see the strong list of sponsors supporting the Orford Odeon, the great website and the positive comments.

  20. Greetings from two ardent fans in Scotland!
    Love being there, love the Orford Odeon & love you guys and the committee for continuing to push onwards and upwards with your amazing community spirit and vision.
    Annie & Wayne
    Vive la Odeon!

  21. As one of the dedicated team of volunteers, I’d just like to thank those in the community who have sent messages of support for the continuance of the Orford Odeon Inc into the future. Looking forward to welcoming everyone to the screening of “The Grand Seduction” next week – albeit in a temporary home at the Orford Bowls Club (thanks to them too for providing their space on this occasion).

  22. Hi Deb,
    Thanks, from all the Team, for your support and suggestions.
    We wish you and the “Franklin Classic Crew” all the Best for your 2015 Season.
    David & Team Odeon

  23. Hi Team Orford Odeon,
    Hang in there and hope you get things sorted. Really pleased you are showing “The Grand Seduction”. It will be a crowd pleaser for sure. Another crowd pleaser film to consider is “Local Hero”. Added bonus is the great music score. Good luck and we are sending positive vibes from “Franklin Classic Movie Command Centre”.

  24. Hi Eve,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts.
    We try hard to keep sparkling for our community and it is most gratifying to hear such praise for our work.
    ‘Farinelli’ was certainly one of our favourites too.
    The Odeon Team thanks you!
    We hope that soon we can lure you away from the State Cinema (if only briefly) and up to Orford, so that you can indulge in The Odeon Experience!

    Cheers for now,

  25. Dear David and Gavan , Such an inspiring website! The ‘Farinelli” presentation is stunning. I have read and heard of the many joyful and generous experiences you have provided in the community. I am sure it is a stronger community because of the vibrancy of such events. I am over an hour away and the State Cinema is my regular. East coast people, locals and holiday makers are very fortunate to experience the results of your vision, your enthusiasm and your inclusivity. Always keep the diamond in your eyes!

  26. Hi Diana,
    Thanks for your inquiry. Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, The Orford Odeon is unable to screen films this January.
    However, I know you and your friend will still have a great East Coast Tassie holiday – after all, there are so many wonderful things to see and do here!
    A good place to start is: http://www.eastcoasttasmania for lots more fantastic ideas.
    Have a great Festive & Holiday Season!

  27. Will be doing an east coast holiday trip with an out of state friend and wondering what movies and when you are showing in January?
    Thanks for any info. Diana

  28. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for suggesting ‘The Best Offer’.
    We’ll add it to our list of films up for selection in 2015.
    We very much appreciate you taking the time to let us know your choice.
    Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any other films you might like to see screened @ The Odeon.

  29. Hi Bertrand,
    Thanks for your praise. We certainly did get a kick out of this one! Patricia’s sensational ‘swagging’ efforts, in particular, made all the difference to the atmosphere in the Foyer and on the main display. The fabulous gold chandeliers; re-cycled from a France to Freycinet Festival a few years ago (Many thanks to Janelle & David) also lifted the mood tremendously in the auditorium itself. Not to mention the impact of the white chandeliers in the Foyer and the wall projection! Not sure about the wisdom of doing two films in one week tho!

    Fortunately, we are very lucky to have a fantastic team of volunteers who are dedicated to The Odeon and deliver a professional standard every month to our audiences. I know they will appreciate your congratulations.
    Thanks again,

  30. Just had a look at the decorations for Farinelli. Well done ! Pity I could not make it; bet you are getting a kick out of putting it together and good for you guys. Congratulations to the whole team at the Odeon.
    Mayor Cadart. “Passion 2 lead the Region.”

  31. Thanks Bertrand!
    And, on behalf of all involved, thank you for your strong support of The Odeon over the years – it is much appreciated.

  32. Hi Keri,
    Thank You for your generous comments. We are all delighted to hear that you feel The Odeon benefits our Community in multiple ways. It makes all our work worthwhile.
    See you @ The Odeon!

  33. There are so many appreciative, positive and wonderful comments to make about “The Odeon ” and our community is certainly the richer for the countless hours of work that go on behind the scenes, before and after showtime.

  34. Hi Clive & Denise,
    Thanks to you both, on behalf of us all @ The Odeon, for your kind words.
    Clive, I hope the celebrations for your B/D continued after the film was over!

  35. Congratulations to all concerned for the time and effort put into each month.
    Thanks must also go to the sponsors that bring us the films.
    Well Done.
    Clive & Denise

  36. Hi Marian,
    We’re so glad you find the site to your liking. (It’s never easy to get everything right!)
    Positive feedback like yours helps keep us on track and also heartens us, so Thank You.
    We’ll see you at the next BIG NIGHT @ The Odeon!!
    Cheers for now,

  37. Just visited the website. It looks good, has lots of information and is easy to navigate. I am impressed (yet again) with all that goes into the OO! I look forward to more big nights out in Orford.

  38. Thanks so much Jan!
    Of course, without the Team (of which you are a most valuable part) the show just wouldn’t happen in the same way.
    It’s great to hear that you are happy @ ‘Your’ Orford Odeon!
    Cheers & Many Thanks,

  39. Congratulations Everyone!
    The website certainly mirrors the happy times with great entertainment for all ages to enjoy at our “Orford Odeon”.

  40. Hi Antony,
    It is great to hear from you; and Thanks for your encouraging comments! They are appreciated greatly.
    The screening of your film: ‘The Eye of the Storm’ (and your Q&A following it) was one of the highlights of our 2013 season!
    Thank You for your interest in, and support of our work.
    We can’t wait to screen your next cinematic gem @ The Odeon!

  41. Three cheers for the Orford Odeon! How inspiring to see such an ongoing commitment to keeping cinema alive & flourishing in regional Australia. It was a great pleasure bringing our film to the Odeon last year & I wish all involved a very successful box-office for 2014 & beyond.
    Best wishes,
    Paper Bark Films.

  42. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for your positive feedback!
    We’re delighted that you find the site easy to navigate.
    We look forward to seeing you next time you’re @ The Odeon!

  43. Well done Orford Odeon!! At last I can plan my calendar and not miss any of the great movies. Its also a lovely space where I can catch up with my friends and have a drink.
    The web site looks terrific. Easy to navigate and find the info I need.
    Again, well done!

  44. Thanks for your detailed comments Tim!
    Glad you like our bright colours!
    We try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and, so far, the responses to our programming have been very favourable.
    I hope we see you @ The Odeon soon!

  45. First impressions is a bright and happy place, with wide ranging appeal, for young and old alike. The images are high quality and demonstrate attention to detail, and the range of films is sure to interest the general population. The choice of colours is bright and cheerful, great work.
    Community events such as this can only serve to inject a positive response from one and all.

  46. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks so much for your kind words.
    We are excited about having the site and hope that it will make communications about The Odeon more streamlined.
    We hope you can join us soon @ The Odeon!

  47. Well done with your website and with the whole Odeon idea! Such a good community thing.

    We would like to support you more but just seem to have things on in Hobart!

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